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Disco Godfather (1976)

April 25th, 2006 · No Comments


Rudy Ray Moore stars as an ex-cop turned DJ who enthralls the crowd at the Blueberry Hill Disco (due to budgetary constraints, this means eight, maybe nine people). Though our hero has no dancing, deejaying or emcee skills, Moore can’t act, so it all works out. When his nephew, a star basketball player, takes angel dust and is hospitalized, Moore vows to “attack the wack” and declares a one-man war against the dope pushers.

Also known as Avenging Godfather or Avenging Disco Godfather, the setup sounds hilarious, but unfortunately, Disco Godfather isn’t nearly bad enough to be entertaining.

Yes, all the hallmarks of Rudy Ray Moore’s oeuvre are here. Not only does the dialogue sound like a group of high school kids wrote an anti-drug play, but it looks like they filmed the whole thing before fourth period.


Carol Speed, who was good in The Mack, appears as the disco manager, otherwise, everyone in the cast reads their dialogue off cue cards. There are some PCP trip-out scenes featuring a green haired witch that must be seen to be believed. And at one point, Moore has a gas mask put on him by the bad guys so he can feel the effects of angel dust. The film ends with what is possibly the greatest bad movie ending of all time, with Moore having gone cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs and raving his head off.

The only reason to watch a Rudy Ray Moore movie is for the fight choreography, which is on par with watching your uncle do high kicks in the basement and having cousins who are nowhere near him fall down. Here, there’s one fight in the first hour and fifteen minutes of film. The rest of the movie is disco dancing and a tutorial on the effects of PCP. Make no mistake, this isn’t a fun bad movie, it’s boring bad.

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